Dada. Chinese Marketing

Discover the untapped potential of the vast 1.4 billion-strong Chinese market through our dynamic marketing solutions.

Our tailored strategies will enable you to effectively connect with Chinese consumers in both Australia and China, cementing a formidable brand presence.

Learn how to market to the discerning Chinese consumer base with our comprehensive approach.

Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai during daytime
Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai during daytime

Our Package

Social Media Verification Package

Including WeChat Offical Account and Little Red Book Verification

$1,000 AUD included GST

Chinese Social Media Marketing Package

A beneficial Chinese Social Media Marketing Management including
WeChat, Little Red Book, Bilibili and Douyin

$2,500 AUD included GST per Month

Chinese Marketing Package

A complete Chinese Marketing Management including
Physical event planning, Chinese Media exposure and social media channel marketing
in China or Australia

$3,000 AUD included GST per Month

About Us

Dada. Chinese Marketing, established by Linda Li, draws upon her extensive decade-long experience within the realms of Chinese media and social platforms in Australia and China.

Linda possesses a unique blend of adventurous spirit, as she constantly seeks new horizons, while maintaining a steadfast commitment to providing consistent, high-quality content.

Her keen insight allows her to discern and effectively convey your brand's unique selling points, ensuring that you and your customers receive the utmost value.

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